Branz Construction is proud to contribute to the preservation and restoration of historically-significant architecture/buildings. Through thorough planning and application of specialized skill sets, we ensure the structure meets historical guidelines and today’s building codes.

We pride ourselves on being able to preserve architectural integrity by implementing the same techniques, materials and tools which were used when these buildings were originally constructed.  Working closely with preservation experts, we carefully bring forth the aesthetic quality of each building as well as enhance with amenities beyond its original design.

Our use of specialized processes and techniques contribute to the success of historical renovation.

  •   Establishing an overall project culture
  •   Identification of research sources, e.g. period, style, etc.
  •   Pre-qualifying all subcontractors and specialists
  •   Defined lines of communications
  •   Demolition techniques
  •   Material selection
  •   Consideration of undisrupted access
  •   Scheduling and Milestones
  •   Quality control
  •   Site security